Essential Therapies Relax The Body, Clear The Mind


Michele Montbleau calls her place of business the healing head, heart, hand and foot center.

Montbleau's clients come to her for Reiki, a healing technique with origins in Japan, Raindrop therapy with essential oils, natural manicures and pedicures.


Michele Montbleau combines a Christian upbringing and the healing art of Reiki in her practice.

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words, rei means wisdom of God or higher power and ki, which means life energy.

"I always ask my client's permission to lay my hands on them," she said.

If a client is uncomfortable with touch, Montbleau said that a person's energy field rises six inches above their body, so she does not have to touch them at all during the treatment.

When people ask what Reiki feels like, Montbleau likens the healing art to the feeling a baby gets when a mother rubs his tummy.

"Reiki is an energy healing working with the life force energy we all have," Montbleau said.

Reiki practitioners train with Reiki masters. Montbleau studied in Tennessee with a master who certified her in 1997.

"When I realized that Reiki was a very spiritual way of healing and clients often experienced an emotional release with the therapy, that is when I did my studies and became a minister," Montbleau said. She was ordained thorough the Universal Brotherhood University in Florida, the same year she began her practice.

"I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I am not a doctor of any kind.

I have clients sign a paper that says we are partners in their healing, I am a facilitator for the process. You create everything with your mind, and if the client is able to let go of anger or pain and is willing to open up to the energy that's working through them, then it will work on some level," Montbleau said.

Raindrop therapy

A client in Tennessee introduced Montbleau to the use of essential oils.

The Raindrop technique combines aromatherapy with an application technique called Vita Flex.

"The oils are absorbed into the cellular structure of the skin, going into the muscles, tissues and tendons. It's a relaxing, yet rejuvenating technique," she said.

Care for hands and feet

Montbleau started her career 28 years ago, taking care of people's feet and hands by giving them manicures, faux nails and pedicures.

She became allergic to the chemicals used to create faux nails and has returned to what she "loves to do most, help people grow their own healthy nails."

"I am trained to work on diabetics' feet," she said.

It is important to take care of the feet and Montbleau realizes this is an area with many elderly people, so she will make house calls.

A new product

Essential Therapies has a retail side. Montbleau offers the essential oils and other products such as toothpaste and cleaning supplies made without harsh chemicals.

Her newest product is "The Natural Facelift."

Natural Facelift is a hypoallergenic mask that tones and firms the face muscles and helps get rid of brown spots, she said.

Montbleau opened Essential Therapies in Payson just a year ago.

It is located at: 212 W. Main St., Payson, (928) 951-0049.

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