Excellent Care Provided



Following my second stroke, I spent three weeks in a Phoenix hospital, then a week at Payson Care Center. At Good Samaritan-Banner Hospital in Phoenix, I received excellent care.

Without exception the food was good, the nurses kind, the certified nursing assistants (CNAs) responsive and the physical therapists unsurpassed. It pleases me that I can praise the entire staff in such sweeping terms.

Unfortunately, I can't do the same for Payson Care Center. I won't bore you with the details of dinners that didn't arrive until 7:30 at night, CNAs who simply vanished after promising to return "in a few minutes" and nurses overwhelmed by their patient load. After all, I had arrived late Friday, at the start of the weekend shift, when the facility was woefully understaffed. Only Betty, a nurse who brought me a fan to offset my roommate's insistence on an overheated room, made my first night there bearable.

The coming week would be better, and I wish to recognize the people who made it so.

Among the nurses and CNAS who, while professional, exhibited real compassion, were Nurse Gloria Robison, Nurse Dan Hammond (who proved to be a superb phlebotomist), Jackie Hubbard, Vanda Alexander and Jeanne Bland. A true "angel of mercy" was CNA Sandra S.

Always cheerful, she was untiring in her willingness to help. I'm deeply ashamed that I never learned her last name.

A special mention goes to Speech Therapist David Durfee, Physical Therapist Lynn Krahn and Occupational Therapist Denise Miller. Without their expert treatments, which rivaled even the help I received in Phoenix, I wouldn't be home today. Most sincerely, I thank you all.

Anna Ryan

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