It Was Wrong For Us To Shoot Cat



Approximately a year ago, I shot a cat off my back porch one afternoon and then put it in the creek.

I know that what I did was wrong. I would like to publicly apologize for my actions. Never did we inflict pain on the cat, we never tortured any cat including this one, this was the only cat I have ever killed, and when I shot the cat, it died instantly. What I did was wrong and I am sorry for hurting the family that owned the cat. However I just want the public to know that when I was approached by an officer of the law, I did not lie about what I did, I could have lied and never been caught, but that is not in my character. I was up front, told him the truth, and what my knowledge was of the cat. This is my first and only incident with the law and it will be my last.

Tanner Schaal

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