Letter Was Not Intended To Disparage Police



In my letter of Aug. 31, concerning my frustration with police response to my call(s) concerning an abused animal and illegal aliens, I would like to clarify my point to the Payson Police Department and Mr. Larry Carreau, who responded to my letter on Sept. 4.

My comments were not intended to be disparaging toward our police department and its dedicated members.

They have a tough job to do and I have nothing but the highest respect for them. I only ask that we enforce the laws that we currently have in this city, state and country.

To Mr. Carreau, I appreciate your response, but do not agree with all of what you had to say, though I would be the first one in line to defend your right to state your opinion(s).

To the Payson Police Department, thank you for your hard work and dedication. I know you cannot be everywhere at once.

On a sad note, the puppy that I wrote about that was abused was taken to a rescue veterinarian, but succumbed two days later.

Stephen Thompson

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