Pine Missionary Returns To Kenya

African trip is second for Simone Lake, first for others


As Simone Lake approached the Watuele Baptist Church in Mombasa, Kenya, Africa, she and the five missionaries with her were greeted by all ages of children saying "Jambo" or "How are you?"

The trip was Lake's second to the church, but a first for her husband, John Lake and Scott Follmer, Dave and Susie Yoder and Seth Draper.


Dave Yoder teaching praise and worship songs.

Simone developed and administered the three-day "Kingdom Impact Conference" to 200 people from different areas in Kenya.

"The challenge and goal was to take this information and share with their own congregation and multiply God's word like Christ did with the fishes and the loaves.Harvesting much fruit and crops for God's kingdom," Lake said.

The drive from the hotel where the team stayed to the church lasted about 20 minutes. The dirt road wound between homes, some made of dirt and sticks and others of cement.

The driver would navigate mud puddles and owners would come out to lift their clotheslines, so the van could pass, Lake said.

The six missionaries were responsible to teach at least two workshops.

John Lake, pastor of the Church on Randall Place in Pine, was the keynote speaker.

Draper, a resident of Pine who now attends Southwest Bible College in Phoenix, taught the workshops, Experiencing God and Breaking Free.

"Everyone loved Seth Draper and was impressed with him only being 19 years of age.Pastor Samuel Lucas of the Wateule church would tease him and say that he will become his new son," Lake said.

Susie Yoder taught workshops called Parenting by Grace and In God's Presence - Part I.

Follmer taught the workshops, Jesus on Leadership and Share Jesus without Fear.

"Dave Yoder taught praise and worship songs to the worship team there and was so moved by the incredible praise and worship there, thate left his guitar for them as a gift," Simone said.

A "brother in Christ" whom Simone has not met, translated all the workshop handouts into Swahili, so people who did not speak English could follow the Bible curriculum.

The missionaries donated copies of the materials, including the lesson Simone taught on Women of the Bible, to the Wateule Bible Resource Library.

"This was a vision had on the last trip in 2005, to build up a library in which the church, as well as the area pastors and church leaders,an borrow and return," Lake said.

The trip had an added bonus for Simone.

When she ministered to the congregation in 2005, she prayed for a lady who was 11 months pregnant. At that time, the mother mentioned that she had not felt the baby move in a long time.

"I found out later, the next couple of days, that she ended up giving birth that evening. I prayed and then she named her baby "Simone," after me.hen I went back on this 2007 trip, I had the opportunity to see her. She is approximately two years old and so happy and cute," Lake said.

Lake said the church would like them to come back each year for a conference.

"We are definitely considering it," she said.

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