Ymca Would Be Good For Payson



This is in response to the party who wrote about whether or not the town of Payson was "eligible" enough to build a YMCA here in town. Maybe if the person was to read Tuesday's paper (10/17/07), they would have seen that there was a study made in 2003.

Plus the fact that the YMCA has some money, as it stands to lease the five acres over by the new ball fields. Where would everyone be if we were to wait for someone else to take the imitative to try and accomplish goals in communities all around this country, especially when it comes to our youth of this community.

I would rather go down trying, instead of sitting on my laurels and wishing I would have done something when the day comes to clock out. Not onlyould a YMCA help bring revenue to Payson, it would also bring together a community that seems to be separated by certain individuals who tend to look at the negative, instead of trying to focus on a solution for all who do live here.

To state that it would be a financial flop leads me to think that money is more of the issue than what we are really trying to accomplish in the long run. Take a look around and look at all the good this town has to offer to the kids, people who volunteer their time to want to be out on the ball fields or in the gyms.

That's where personalities are formed and established. The kids learn respect not just for other people, but mostly for themselves also.

Why would a community want to stop at a certain level when we can continue to grow and teach our kids on an everyday basis? Because if you stop and look at where Payson is headed it certainly isn't going to be a small town all its life.
Tony Trujillo

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