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THE COMEBACKS - Just plain stupid


I can't recall if ever I saw a movie classified as a "comedy" where I didn't laugh at least once -- but I have now.

The movie intentionally makes fun of competitive sports in general and the many movies that deal with sports related stories in particular.

Instead of being funny, "The Comebacks" was just plain stupid. Maybe the rampant sexual innuendos were intended to attract a certain demographic audience, but if so, I haven't figured out whom.

The story begins with Coach Lambeau Fields (David Koechner.) His life can be summed up in one word, "Loser." Think of the worst sports disasters in the last 20 years and Fields was responsible for them.

A friend and fellow coach, Freddie Wiseman (Carl Weathers from "Rocky" fame) tells Fields about a job opening for a college football coach in a small Texas town. Fields realizes this may be his last chance at redemption and after discussing the situation with his supportive wife, Barb (Melora Hardin), he takes the job.

On his first meeting with his team, nicknamed The Comebacks, he starts cutting from the squad.

The first three players to go, look like they played in the NFL. A "walk-on" named Vince (a spoof on "Invincible") was also soundly rejected. But Fields did end up keeping on the roster a slightly retarded team "gofer" named iPod (remember the movie "Radio?").

The number of subplots are almost too many to list. The ones I do recall include: Fields' daughter Michelle (Brooke Nevin) dating the team's African-American star player, Trotter (Jackie Long), just to spite her dad. Quarterback Lance Truman (Matt Lawrence) who likes to perform ballet in a partial tutu and whose own dad dresses like Cher. Did I mention that along the way, Michelle starts to fall for Lance?

This all leads up to the big championship game, known as the "Toilet Bowl" and the even bigger question can The Comebacks win the big game for their sad-sack coach.

If I wasn't asked to see this movie and write a review, I probably would have left the Sawmill after the first 20 minutes. This is neither a movie you ever want to see, nor is it one to let your under 17-year-old children see.

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