This Week's Review


First, let me wish all the veterans a Happy Veterans Day.

I grew up listening to my "Popa" read poems he had composed about his time in the Navy, during the Second World War.

Lt. Jarvis Jennings was known to his fellow sailors as "Stretch." His arms stretched wider than his six-and-a-half-foot tall frame, as he signaled planes in for landing with light or flags (gold on one side, orange on the other).

He was the first LSO (landing signal officer) to land planes at night, during WWII, on the sea-tossed deck of an aircraft carrier.

Our Rim Review cover story introduces you to two Marines, Karis Brown and her daughter Karis Thompson-Morris.

Between these pages, you will also find photographs. Some of people having fun, taken by Roundup staff photographer, Andy Towle and others of the bold colors of fall in the Rim Country, contributed by Mary Smith.

In her column, Erin Turner shares what it was like to go "Power Treating" with her dad.

Tim Ehrhardt takes us back to the jail Payson had in 1962.

The final installment of Stan Brown's "History of the Tonto Apaches" is in this issue.

There are Turkey Day recipes, puzzle and cartoons for your enjoyment.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the changing leaves this week.

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