Community Liaison Police Officer To Help Clean Up


The Payson Police Department is establishing a community policing liaison officer to try and help clean up the remnants of graffiti and vandalism.

Payson Police Sgt. David Blalock said complaints from residents about graffiti prompted the department to take steps to help residents.

Residents in the Houston-Mesa area have had issues of graffiti and numerous instances of eggings and paintballings as well to deal with.

"We have made some arrests, but we want to put an end to it, if possible," he said.

Police are asking the community to be pro-active and call in any acts of vandalism they might see, immediately. This will allow the best chance of catching whoever is responsible in the act, they said.

Blalock is the one and only officer named to the division at this time.

"We don't have anyone we can dedicate solely to the new position, but I will be acting as the liaison officer on a limited basis along with continuing my normal patrol duties," he said.

Vandalism isn't the sole issue the department hopes to address with the new position.

"We will also be offering help to residents to just generally clean up property, which might be considered a blight situation," he said.

Blalock said some properties in Payson need cleaning to meet codes, and the department wants to help improve the town's image.

"Sometimes residents call in and complain about a neighbor who isn't keeping their property as clean as they might," Blalock said.

"We want to offer someone who can help work the problem out to everyone's satisfaction, without ending up going to fist city," he added.

He said the department is looking into using people who have been assigned community service from the courts system as clean-up workers.

Homeowners would have to sign a waiver to allow police to bring workers onto their property.

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