Culture Of Betrayal



October just past was the annual Respect Life month in the Catholic Church nationwide. For those who may have missed hearing any strong defense of the thousands of innocent unborn babies facing horrible deaths in America's abortuaries, listen now to the words of two very courageous men:

First, Bp. Edwin O'Brien of Baltimore (and recently archbishop of military services) on Oct. 1:

"The right to life is the greatest civil rights issues of our time -- it is the issue that will determine whether America remains a hospitable society -- or whether America betrays our heritage and the truths on which its founders staked its claim to independence."

Second, C. Joseph Doyle, executive director of Catholic Action League of Massachusetts, on Oct. 7:

"We may not always prevail in politics, public policy or legislation, but we can and must prevail in ensuring the pro-life identity and fidelity of our own ostensibly pro-life institutions."

Doyle goes on to excoriate the "culture of betrayal" characteristic of the relationship of the Catholic Church toward the pro-life movement in Massachusetts -- but applicable to "progressive" Catholic politicians and clergy across the nation.

Doyle names names and calls it "acts of treason" when powerful Catholic institutions, such as colleges and universities invite the likes of Planned Parenthood, NARAL ProChoice and pro-abortion politicians to make presentations at their conferences, speak at their commencements and serve on their governing boards.

The same goes for Catholic charitable and medical institutions which embrace pro-abortion politicians for lobbying and fund-raising purposes; for Catholic religious educators who run for public office on pro-abortion platforms; and for pro-life Catholic fraternal organizations which allow high-profile pro-abortion politicians to remain as members.

In conclusion, Doyle says, "The vital and heroic work of our own pro-life clergy, religious and laity has been grievously impaired by collaborators with the culture of death in secular society and the culture of betrayal in our own Church. This betrayal of the pro-life movement... is a scandal which we can and must end."

A. Barrett


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