Seeing The Beauty Of Big Dogs


We Americans seem to have a preference for big. We like wide-open spaces, roomy SUVs, trucks and motor homes, rambling houses and super-sized meals. You would think that a people so enthused with big would also like big dogs. But animal shelters across the country find that the trend toward big doesn't hold when it comes to dogs. Big dogs wait a longer time to get adopted and are more likely to be euthanized than little dogs.

Shelters have no problem finding homes for little dogs despite their propensity to be incessant, high-pitched barkers with Napoleon complexes. Little dogs are considered more likely to bite the hand of a friend or neighbor than big dogs. There is, of course, the advantage of peanut-sized poops and bird-sized appetites.

Dog whisperer Cesar Millan says many little dogs are allowed to act out bad behavior that would never be tolerated in a larger dog.

Big dogs, by virtue of their size, require their owners to be in command. Having a big dog that was never taught manners is like having a teenager who never learned boundaries -- insufferable. Most people who have big dogs know this and are in control.

Big dogs, unless they have been mistreated, tend to be less fearful than little dogs, because when you're a big guy, nobody messes with you.

People who walk alone in the park or forest or after dark like having a big dog at their side for protection. Criminals tend to choose easier targets to pick on and don't want to deal with a big dog.

Big dogs are likely to have gentle, loving temperaments. They are wonderful for putting your arms around or sitting next to on the floor. There is comfort and security in a big dog.

So do your bit for big. Come take a look at some of our great big dogs!

Lover Boy

Lover Boy is a magnificent 3-year-old neutered male Plott Hound. This dog is the George Clooney of the hound world -- so handsome and charming! It begins with his perfect form and large stature and ends with the incredible patterns in his brindle coat. You would think that such a large dog would take you for quite a ride on leash, but Lover Boy is a perfect gentleman, and, oh, does he walk proud! He is a happy-spirited dog with a friendly wagging tail and a place in his heart for some very special people who will love him and care for him as long as he lives.


Bruno is a groovy 2-year-old neutered male brindle Pit Bull. He is the original Mr. Happy Face -- always upbeat and enthusiastic. He knows no strangers; he loves everyone.

He is very eager to get out of his kennel and go someplace, which makes him look like he is hard to handle, but he actually is a good boy on leash. We like to walk him with a gentle leader harness, which attaches in front and discourages pulling, because he is a strong fellow.

Bruno is not good with cats. We call him the Mad Catter because if he sees a cat, he is intent on causing its demise.

With Bruno's adoption comes one free training class to help him and his new owner learn dog etiquette.


Buford is a cool 2-year-old neutered male white Pit Bull Terrier mix. He is quite a character as you can see from his picture. He is currently in foster care because he did not adjust well to shelter life. His foster dad is one of our best volunteers who got to know Buford well and believed in him. Buford is the type of dog who likes to handpick his people friends. If he chooses you, you will have a friend for life. He needs a guardian who is firm, but kind.

Buford doesn't care much for the vet, but will tolerate him if his owner holds him.

He gets along fine with other dogs as long as they are non-challenging and he loves running and playing with them in our exercise yard. He's a good boy with the dogs in his foster home, too. He doesn't like cats or squirrels.

Buford is housebroken and rides in the front seat of the car looking out the windshield with great interest. Before taking him home, we will require a home visitation because we want to be sure he is going into a safe environment.


Levi is a well-behaved 3-year-old neutered male Shar Pei mix. He has a short fawn-colored coat and black wrinkles on his face. He is a big, strong guy, but gentle in a loving way. He likes people and enjoys riding in the car. Levi likes to go for walks and handles light as a feather on leash. He would make a great hiking partner as he has lots of energy and is quite playful.

Levi would like to be your only dog or a companion for a balanced female dog.


Missy is a friendly 1-1//2-year-old Boxer/ German Shorthaired Pointer mix. She's very pretty with her white and brown-ticked coat, brown ears and intelligent brown eyes. She is a responsive dog on leash and loves getting out for a walk.

She is a very loyal and protective family dog. Missy would like to find a home with a kind family that is home a lot and takes her with them when they go somewhere so she doesn't feel the urge to dig out of her yard and escape.

She likes to choose her dog friends and she doesn't care for cats or squirrels. We have found her to be very loving and gentle.

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