One Of The Best Family Feature Films


Troy Wayland
Teen reviewer

"The Martian Child" was a heart warming, comical feature film.

I recommend this film to any age or gender.

I pretty much loved this film.

This movie is beautiful and dramatic. It has heart-filled moments and was an enjoyable comedy.

The average-day mom and dad can relate to the horrors of raising their offspring. Yet, those little "monsters" can be sweet angels in the long run, as we see in "The Martian Child."

"The Martian Child" begins with main character, David Gordon, in front of an orphanage looking for a child.

It takes him a while to find a child, so he goes back multiple times to find the right one.

David was bullied growing up, so he finds a child he feels he can relate to, who is bullied for being different.

Dennis is the child from Mars who stays in a box. He has isolated himself from the other children.

The "box child" is played by an extravagant, young boy named Bobby Coleman.

Soon David gets custody of Dennis and finds out the little "Martin being" he has living in his house dislikes the sun and loves Lucky Charms cereal.

David fills a shopping cart with Lucky Charms and 10 bottles of sunscreen -- SPF 45, just in case you were wondering.

One of the "small comedy" moments comes when David's sister refers to her children as "Omen One" and "Omen Two."

That was pretty funny, partly because I think it is true to parents on a daily basis.

The movie shows the new father and son going through the hardships of building a relationship and understanding each other.

A great analogy comes at the end of the movie, when Dennis describes why he thinks he is a Martian.

At that point, the movie opened my eyes to why we might think that each of us has a little Martian inside.

So, go see one of the best family feature films with a character from a nearby planet.

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