Brothers Work Together On Antelope Hunt


Every year when hunting season rolls around, it is traditional in the Rim Country for families to hunt big game together.
The Beelers have lived in the area almost 50 years and the five brothers, who are now grown men, still carry on with the fall event of hunting together.
During my teaching and coaching career at Payson High School, I had the pleasure of working with Vince, Greg, Chris, and Jason, while just missing the eldest, Jody,ho happens to be a good friend.They all starred in high school athletics of football, basketball, baseball, and wrestling.I might add Vince has the unique distinction of being on the first conference championship team that Payson has ever had in any sport and it happened to be wrestling in 1975.They all still follow Longhorn sports and encourage their children to participate in high school athletics.

Being avid outdoorsmen, they try their luck at the lottery of big-game hunts in hopes of getting a tag that all can share in the outdoor experience.his year Jody drew a coveted Arizona antelope permit, after 20 years of trying and being rejected. can certainly relate because I finally drew my antelope tag after 26 years in the draw.


The Beeler family includes Greg, Jody, Vince, Jason and Chris. The five are shown during a recent antelope hunt.

The brothers started to assemble a hunt for the St. Johns area of Northeast Arizona with the hopes of finding Jody a quality animal.Jason came all the way from Dallas, while Greg, who lives in the Springerville area, did some early scouting, and the other three brothers who reside in Payson planned the hunt.

As the Beeler brothers scoped the unit, they found several buck antelope before Jody decided on his buck.

Antelope tend to be in wide open spaces with few trees and this is typical habitat in the St. Johns area.The four brothers wanted to be with Jody when he made the shot.It must have been a humorous scene on the prairies with five grown big men trying to hide behind a small scrubby cedar tree, all wanting to be a part of the antelope adventure!

he actual hunt did not last long, but during the next two days the brothers shared a campfire reminiscing about hunts they had been on together.This weekend, enjoy your families and the outdoors, God's creation.

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