Christopher's Holiday Lights Strung


Saturday was a busy day for some of the residents of Christopher Creek.

First, they headed out and hung the Christmas lights along the loop, and put up all the displays.


Caught in the act of cleaning up one of the yards on Columbine Road.

Next, they headed out and cleaned up all the bagged leaves along Ashby Apple Lane and Columbine Road. They finally finished up with a chili potluck at the fire hall.

I caught this group in the act of cleaning up one of the yards on Columbine Road.

What you did not see in the picture was the fire chief, Ray Larsen who was throwing the bags and leaves on the trailer to be hauled away.

Thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday cleaning up and decorating for the holidays. Lights go on hopefully, Thursday, Nov. 22.


How about that Pittsburgh /Cleveland game?

Yea, Pittsburgh! Some of my family was at that game.

The Coryeas and Svedas are such die-hard fans that they headed out about 5 a.m. in the rain to tailgate and enjoy the game.

They were missing one ticket, but they really lucked out.

As they were parking, a couple had to leave because of an emergency, so they sold them one of their tickets for $50.

What a bargain, being some of the tickets were going for $500. I guess you can tell I am a Pittsburgh fan.

Lighting it up

Saturday, Nov. 17, the light crew will head out, finish the lights, set the timers to come on for Nov. 22 and see if anyone left any chili.

A child's Christmas

Saturday, Dec. 15 from 2 to 4 p.m. is the Annual Children's Christmas Party at the fire station.

Kids are asked to bring along two nonperishable items to put in food boxes that they will decorate and pass out to those that may need one.

Santa will make an appearance for all the good little boys and girls.

Quad parade

Saturday, Dec. 15 at 7 p.m. will be the first Annual CCHA Quad and Cart Christmas Parade.

It won't be the Rose Bowl Parade, but the residents of Christopher Creek will light up the night with their decorated, musical quads and carts.

Everyone is to meet at the Landmark parking lot to parade through the community.

Lots of prizes

There will be prizes and applause galore. Hot chocolate is a possibility.

If you have any question on these events give Gary Anderson, President of the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association a call at 478-4075.

Good wishes

Bill Hunter of Hunter Creek will be celebrating his birthday on Nov. 20, and Steve Fish also will add a candle to his cake on the 20th.

Bob Quay will be celebrating his birthday on Nov. 22 as will Christopher Purtee. Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday.

Thanksgiving is next week and I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your day, don't eat too much and always remember those who are less fortunate.

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