Recall Elections Set For Pine


There will be a recall election in Pine, March 11, 2008, for Gary Sherlock and Forrest McCoy of the Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District.

The Gila County Board of Supervisors set the date for the recall election this week.

The group pushing for the recall is the Pine Strawberry Citizens for the Prohibition of Providing Tax Dollars to a Privately Held Water Monopoly; the members are also with Rim Country Water. It also has taken out petitions to recall PSWID board members Wesley Suhr and James Richey.

David Rogers with the Gila County elections office said the petitions for Sherlock and Suhr were filed Aug. 2, those to recall McCoy were filed Aug. 20 and the petitions for Richey were submitted in mid-October.

Director of Elections Dixie Mundy told the supervisors the petition for McCoy was also submitted Aug. 2, but not filed because she determined not all those signing it were qualified electors and without their signatures, the petition did not have enough names to be filed.

"It was returned to the petitioner, who collected more signatures and re-submitted it," Mundy said. Once it was reviewed it was sent to the recorder's office for verification with 255 signatures - only 177 were required for filing.

The petition to recall Sherlock -- who is currently chairman of the PSWID -- had more-than-sufficient signatures when it was submitted. Mundy said it had 167 qualified signatures, with only 159 required.

"Arizona is one of the states that allows voters to un-elect someone, many states don't do that, but we are one that does. If we don't approve this it breaches the basic right of the voter and diminishes their trust in this board, I feel we should approve this," District One Supervisor Tommie Martin said.

"I can think of nothing else that left an uglier taste in the mouths of the voters than the school board recall in Globe, however, it seems by Arizona statute that we have no alternative, but it is an ugly way to solve a disagreement," District Two Supervisor Shirley Dawson said.

The date for the recall was approved unanimously.

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