Students Stuff Envelopes For Credit For Kids Campaign


The 2007 Credit for Kids Campaign started yesterday morning with 150 students from Payson schools stuffing 14,000 envelopes to be sent to every postal customer in the district.

Students began stuffing envelopes in the boardroom at the district office at 9:30 a.m. and finished just after noon.


Thousands of envelopes and Credit for Kids Campaign materials wait for the students to stuff.

Credit for Kids is an incentive the state offers taxpayers to make dollar-for-dollar tax credit contributions to benefit Arizona schools and students.

A dollar-for-dollar contribution means that Arizona taxpayers who make a Credit for Kids contribution could receive the same amount back on their state taxes.

For example, if a taxpayer has a $500 tax debt with the state and contributes $200 to Credit for Kids, that same taxpayer won't get a check for $200, their contribution will simply reduce their tax debt by that amount.

Arizona residents are not restricted to making Credit for Kids contributions only to schools within the district in which they live.

Any household paying Arizona tax may contribute to any district within the state and still receive the full tax credit.

This year, the state is allowing couples to donate as much as $400, and singles may donate up to $200.

"It's considered a tax credit, not a deduction in the classic sense, to help pay for extracurricular and co-curricular activities," district superintendent Casey O'Brien said.

The district raised over $242,451 in 2005, and last year they were able to bring in $296,685.


Payson High School ELL students Paolo Robles, Ildalfonso Francosta, Claudia Robles, Yuven Apodaca and Ilse Gamez lend a hand stuffing envelopes for the Credit for Kids campaign, Thursday morning.

Some of the activities and projects the Credit for Kids Campaign made possible in the last couple of years included; the stadium project, after-school programs, intersession classes, sports equipment, team transportation, elementary band and kindergarten violins, to name a few.

Forms to complete the process and get the tax credit are available at the district offices or through the Arizona Department of Revenue Web site at, district curriculum secretary Susan Campbell said.

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