Where Were You On Veterans Day?



Are you a veteran?

If you are, where were you when a most wonderful program took place at the Payson High School on Sunday afternoon to honor you?

We know you don't like to "wave your own flag," but on that day, flag waving was in order, and a lot of people went to a lot of effort to see that you were remembered and not forgotten.

It was the most wonderful Veterans Day Celebration we'd ever seen in Payson -- or anywhere else, for that matter.

Folks from the fire and police Departments had wonderful things to say about you. The Marine Corps Chaplain said prayers to God, thanking him for you. And you wouldn't believe what Kathy Siler from the Drama Department put together for the "entertainment" portion of the program!Students from the high school took the time to choose very special readings that talked about you, and they read them very well.

A 15-year-old girl put together the most wonderful slide show with the theme of remembering our present-day military men and women that had every person we could see in the audience in tears -- it was beautiful.

John Carpino's singing of the "Ballad of Chosin" accompaniedowerful short moviehowing scenes of the Marines who fought that battle in below-freezingemperatures that really brought home the reality of the Korean War.

Oh, and members of the Payson Choral Society blended theireautiful voices to pay tribute to you with three patriotic songs.

And there was more -- Peggy Miles signed the Pledge of Allegiance as well as the song "God Bless America," a very moving experience. Lu Carpino did a great job ofntroducing everyone and keeping things moving.

The veterans stood while their respective branch of service song was played and we all clapped.

Hope we haven't left anything out.It was such a wonderful program! We really wish you had been there to see and hear it all. It was, after all, in your honor.

And if you, yourself, are not a veteran, where were you?e whoere not in the military had the most wonderful opportunity to say "thank you" to the veterans who put their lives on hold and on the line to guarantee the freedoms we Americans take so much for granted.

We looked around the auditorium and counted far fewer than 100 people. At least half of those there were participants in the program.

Maybe you attended one of the other programs during the weekend honoring our veterans. But if not, you really missed a great opportunity.

The Payson Patriotic Events Committee really outdid themselves this year with a completely different program. It lasted an hour and a half -- and that was with no long-winded guest speakers!Too bad that both groups were not adequately represented. It really made us very sad to see so few from our Rim Country community there.

You're all invited to come next year.

Wouldn't it be nice if the auditorium was completely filled with both veterans and others in our community? I bet we could do it. Hope to see you there.

Bob and Aggie Hansen


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