Apartment Search Leads To Burglary Suspect


Payson police have a suspect in custody in connection with the rash of recent burglaries.

"We have been able to make some real progress in this case," Police Chief Don Engler said.

At 5:20 p.m. Friday, Nov. 16, police conducted a search warrant on an apartment at 300 W. Frontier St., Engler said.

He said a search of the suspect's apartment uncovered evidence connecting the

resident to some of Payson's recent string of burglaries.

"We have a person in custody on unrelated charges, but evidence we found at his apartment ties him to five of the recent burglaries here in town," Engler said.

He said he was unwilling to disclose the suspect's name at this point because he doesn't want to compromise the case.

"I don't anticipate this individual getting out in a couple of days," Engler added.

"We will be filing charges against the individual in relation to the burglaries very soon."

He said the suspect police have in custody now is not the only suspect in the case.

He said evidence collected by police in the Valley led them to believe there might be a connection with Phoenix.

"There are definitely others involved; maybe they don't reside in the Valley, but we recovered some property there and we think there is some kind of connection," Engler said.

Engler said the burglaries were drug-related, but was unwilling to go into detail because of the ongoing investigation.

Engler said Sgt. Todd Bramlet, Lt. David Blalock and Officer Chad DeShaff contributed considerably to Friday's search and arrest of the suspect.

Police have not been able to connect the four juveniles arrested in mid-October to the nearly dozen burglaries in Payson, Sgt. Tom Tieman said.

Police are also working to solve the vandalism problem taking place in the Boulders subdivision off Phoenix Street. Residents have reported that fire-ball rockets, a type of fireworks, have been set off in the area along with other problems.

"We have received a couple of complaints and have started a close patrol of the area. Hopefully, making some progress in the burglary cases will allow us to devote more time to this issue and others like it, Engler said Tuesday morning.

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