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When God whispers ...


Do you lie awake at night listening to the wind blowing through the trees?

When God whispers is it the peaceful sleep of a baby child?

When God whispers ... can you "smell" the love of a puppy when you first pick it up and hold it close to you, knowing it's an unconditional love?

Is it that one, peaceful moment as you're waiting for the sun to break through across the calm lake?

When God whispers ... is he leaning into your ear and telling you that you are loved.

When God whispers ... does he take away the sorrow you've carried in your heart for so long?

When God whispers ... can you see a child's eyes widen, realizing he has just learned something new?

Can just saying "Hi" to a stranger on a sunny day make your day?

Is that when God whispers?

When God whispers ... does it feel like a hug from your wife or husband that we take for granted a lot of the times?

When God whispers ... is he telling you he's taking care of all the loved ones we've lost?

When God whispers ... does he not tell us to uplift and give a kind word even to those who might be our worst enemies?

When God whispers ... is it a harsh word?

Can we hear him whisper when we wake up in each day, not realizing how fortunate we are to have not material things, but our health, freedom and family?

I can hear God whispering to me, especially at this time of year.

Tony Trujillo

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