Our Best Blessings Are With Us All The Time


Thanksgiving is not about the big meal, the big game or fighting the traffic. Thanksgiving is something we need to keep in our hearts all year round.

As we get older, we are thankful for still having our parents with us and knowing that every day they are healthy and vigorous is a blessing. In fact, with so many ills that can befall us, vigor and health is a gift we all can be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is about family and friends gathering and celebrating just being together. The best part of this particular holiday -- if you are fortunate enough to be sharing it with loved ones -- is sitting at the table or around the television or standing in the kitchen, working side by side, and laughing with each other about old memories or new adventures.

That togetherness and laughter does not have to be segregated to one day of the year, it is something that can be shared any day of the week throughout the year. That is something for which to be thankful.

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