Consider Adopting A Black Dog Or Cat


Diane J. Brown and Becky Flora

Animal shelters have a universal complaint that black cats and dogs are somewhat less likely to be adopted than their lighter-colored counterparts. No one can explain this phenomenon.

Black pets are actually much easier to keep up than light-colored ones. Their fur shows very little dirt and is much less visible on furniture and clothing.

People seem to like lots of other things in the color black: shoes, clothing, furniture and cars. Johnny Cash was "The Man in Black." Nuns and penguins wear black. It's a great color.

To the photographer black animals present a challenge. It is much more difficult to get an outstanding picture of a black animal than of a brown, white, tan or gray one. With black coats, noses, lips, whiskers and toenails, only the tongue, eyes and teeth offer hope for contrast. This makes black pets harder to market on Web sites or in the newspaper where the glisten of black fur and the sparkle of dark eyes are not obvious.

At Payson Humane Society we currently have a baker's dozen of black cats and an equal amount of black dogs. Here are a few of our favorites:


Silky is a plush 9-year-old neutered male longhaired black kitty. He is a dear, quiet kitty who never causes anyone a problem. He loves sitting on the window sill with the fresh air and sunshine streaming in, and fluffing his beautiful midnight fur coat. He often sleeps on his back with his plump tummy up, as though begging for a belly rub. He would make a perfect, loving companion for a retired senior couple or single.


Paws is a happy-hearted 5-month-old spayed female Heeler/Lab mix puppy. She has a short black coat with a white chest and freckled paws. Pawsie is the kind of dog that is loyal and loving once she figures out that you are a kind, compassionate animal lover. Check out that adoring look in her eyes! She is the ultimate cuddle bug as she gently sidles up to you for a big hug. She and four of her littermates are at our shelter.


Minion is a very outgoing 4-year-old neutered male shorthaired black cat. He is quite rotund and a real lover boy. He and his brother were abandoned by their owner at Furry Friends. Minion just doesn't get how that could have happened because he is such a sunshine boy and a dedicated people pleaser. He doesn't mind dogs and gets along fine with other cats, too. In our opinion you'll love Minion!


Myaah is a charming 9-month-old spayed female Shepherd mix puppy. She is the sweetest little girl in every way. She lives for your love and approval and is eager to show you devotion with wet kisses. Myaah is ready to learn so many things in life, like how to walk on leash and live in a home with a loving family that provides her with yummy food, toys and good times.


Spook is a wee 4-month-old neutered male shorthaired black kitten. His mama Tyra and his two sisters Spade and Tigger are all together at our shelter. Little Spook is quite the playful fellow. He likes chasing after feather toys and soft plush balls. He's a fearless feline and takes easily to all kinds of people and other cats without blinking an eye. Come see the entire family. We hope you'll let one or more of them into your heart and home!

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