Don't Be Fooled By Phs School Calendar Ads


Macky's Grill owner Cari Day and other Payson business persons are predictably confused when answering calls from out-of-state sales persons hawking advertising on Payson High School calendars and programs.

Day says she wants her calendar/schedule advertising dollars to help the school, but doesn't know which of them donate back to PHS extracurricular activities.

The only schedule/calendar that currently contributes to the school is the one endorsed by the Friends and Neighbors (FAN) Club.

Day's advice is to simply ask the salesperson if they are representing the FAN Club.

In the past, some business owners have purchased space on the out-of-state calendars, thinking they were supporting PHS. But in truth, they might have purchased advertising on a calendar/schedule made in Texas and with no ties to the school district.

What the out-of-state firms do is not illegal because school athletic schedules are public property. It is illegal, however, if they say they are representing Payson High School.

"The person that called me didn't say they were from the school, but it was confusing," Day said.

About 15 years ago, former Payson Police Chief Gordon Gartner led an investigation into the sales by out-of-state firms and discovered most were legally doing business and the representatives only implied they were working with the high school.

Former Payson High School football coach Mike Wheelis, a retired police officer, once confronted the out-of-state salespersons, telling them what they were doing was hurting the PHS sports programs and the kids.

The Payson Roundup also contacted a Texas-based salesperson that denied their sales were adversely affecting the school.

In fact, the man -- who refused to identify himself -- said they were doing the school a favor by further "spreading the word" about upcoming sporting events.

"Hogwash," former PHS athletic director Dave Bradley said.

His position was the FAN calendar/schedules and local media are the sources almost all fans look to for information regarding game times, playing dates, game sites and postponements.

The FAN Club calendar/schedules, which are published before each school sport begins, are a huge moneymaker for the FAN Club.

The profits are used to fund extracurricular activities and purchase many items that cannot be bought from the strapped-tight PHS budget.

The best advice from school officials is for advertisers to purchase calendar space only from a FAN Club representative.

If business owners have any doubt about a salesperson, they should call PHS athletic director Jason Lobik at (928) 474-2233.

Quad poker run big-time fun

Justice McNeeley Foundation spokesperson Katie Parks of Pine says the benefit held Nov. 3 was a hit, "It was the most successful one we've had yet."

The festivities, which included a quad poker run, volleyball and horseshoe tournaments, live band entertainment, raffles, auctions, giveaways and breakfast were held at the Rimside Grill, just south of Pine off the Beeline Highway.

The festivities, which started at 9 a.m. with the poker run, went on for most of the day and were attended by 150-plus persons.

Parks thanked everyone who helped sponsor the annual event which included the band of Ron Gibson, that entertained free of charge.

The McNeeley Foundation has recently received two applications to provide financial assistance to children and families in need.

"That's what we do, try to help," Parks said. For information, call Parks at (928) 476-2233.

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