New Three-Way Stop Under Surveillance


Attempts at vandalizing new stop signs at the intersection of Garrels and Moonlight Drive will not be tolerated, Star Valley town officials said.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi said there have been several attempts to damage the new stop signs, installed several weeks ago.


Vandals made short work of one of the new stop signs at the corner of Garrels and Moonlight Dr. in Star Valley recently. Apparently it was run over several times so as to make the sign partially unreadable.

"Since the three-way stop signs have gone up, there have been attempts to steal the signs, vandalize them and run them over," he said.

"Stealing or tampering with town property is a felony and the town will prosecute violators to the fullest extent of the law."

The intersection will be under surveillance to prevent damage to the signs, he said.

The intersection had a 30-day grace period before violators were ticketed, which ended early this week.

Tedeschi said the town's top priority is safety for its residents.

"We do not have to wait until someone is killed or handicapped for life before we take positive action to make things safer," he said.

The town installed a three-way stop at the intersection after residents complained of it being dangerous, Tedeschi said.

"The seven-member Streets and Roads Committee decided to add additional signage to Moonlight and install a three-way stop sign system at the dangerous intersection," he said.

The town added a sign that read, "You really gotta stop" underneath the sign on Moonlight Drive, Tedeschi said, to increase awareness of the new traffic requirements of the area.

Tedeschi said the plans for the three-way stop were approved by Payson Police Chief Don Engler. The Payson PD has a contract for services with the town of Star Valley until June 2009.

Many town residents had expressed concern about the high rate of speed and unsafe driving on Moonlight Drive at council meetings, prior to the three-way stop being installed.

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