American History And Turkey Day



I know the United Kingdom has removed all mention of the Holocaust from their history books, but that does not make it so. So far, the United States has not tried toput blinders on us and our children.

Because of the pilgrims that came to America seeking freedoms they did not have where they were and the right to worship as they so pleased, they chose to come to a land that was free for the taking and the hardship they faced. (It is my personalelief He sent them here.)nd after a very hard year, they had a harvest feast and gave thanks for all they had which had come to them through friendship with the Indians and a bounteous God. After that time they opted to have that feast every year and gave it the name of Thanksgiving Day.

The last I heard, we still have all those same freedoms and none of the hardship the pilgrims had. For those who have not had a bounteous harvest, now there are many organizations such as a food bank and many benevolent organizations and churches, as well as good neighbors and friends who invite others to share their holiday table and day.

Please don't call it "turkey day" because you are to lazy to write or say " Thanksgiving Day." Surely you canfinda reason to be thankful, even if it's just a day off work and time together with friends and family! I don't even require you to give the credit for your bounties to Him who gave it. Just quit taking that out of my life.

The next item wish to address is the next holiday to come. Webster says holiday is a shortened form of holy day.

It does not mean just a day off or vacation. Our next holiday is Christmas and He will be the center of my holiday.No Xmas.

do not require that He centers your holidayJust quit trying to take him out of mine. You have my permission to worship who, when, what and where you please. Just leave me the same privilege.

America is more than 80% Christian. If you choose not to be Christian please remember you are the one in the minority, not us (and we don't object to your being here (if you're legal).

We just want you to leave us as we were before you came along orget out of Dodge." You won't lick us, so you have three choices. Shut up, join us or go back where you came from (that you must not have liked or why are you here).

I personally do not require you to believe the same as I do. Just let me believe as I choose to and I'll do the same for you.

Now Merry Christmas ... Happy Hanukkah ... Happy Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate and whatever it is, I hope it is the merriest you ever had and many more to come.

Margie J. Weave

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