Celebrating A Legacy Of Leadership In Safe Patient Care


Payson Regional Medical Center's surgery department recently celebrated a special event: Perioperative Nurse Week Nov. 11-17.

Held annually, this is a time in which perioperative nurses are recognized and lauded for their professional nursing qualities, dedication to patient care, and excellence in perioperative practice.

Perioperative nurses perform vital roles performed in every setting. Every day, these roles focus on quality improvement efforts and standards implementation.

Perioperative nursing practice is defined as "those activities performed by the professional nurse in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative (before, during and after) phases of the patient's surgical experience." Perioperative nurses may also care for patients in the pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia care units.

Perioperative nurses care for patients before, during and after surgery by: assessing each patient's special needs; planning nursing care that contributes to efficient, optimal surgical outcomes; teaching the patient what to expect during the surgical experience; preparing the necessary equipment and supplies for surgery; monitoring the sterile environment and promoting patient safety during the procedure; communicating on behalf of the patient when he or she is unable to speak for themselves; evaluating the patient's progress and teaching him or her how to participate in their recovery.

The theme this year's recognition of these members of the PRMC team was "A Legacy of Leadership in Safe Patient Care." It is the hope of PRMC's administration, is that this particular theme instills a reminder that great strides have been made in leading the way for improved patient safety and that safety will continue to be one of the key elements of PRMC's daily practice.

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