County, City To Work Together On Recycling Effort


When the Gila County Board of Supervisors approved a recycling program with the Town of Payson last Tuesday, it was more than just another county decision.

It marked a concerted effort between the county and Town of Payson to accomplish something positive together.

The two entities will work together to improve the recycling program in Payson and prolong the usage of the county's landfill.

The agreement dually benefits both sides -- saving Payson around $40,000 a year and eventually saving Gila County taxpayers by keeping the landfill in use longer. It has an added bonus of reducing the footprint Rim Country residents leave on the beautiful forest in which we are lucky to live.

We hope that this recycling agreement is the first in a series of projects that Gila County and the Town of Payson tackle together.

We hope that the cooperation realized between the two entities is not taken for granted or manipulated to favor one side over the other.

A proactive working relationship between the county and the town can yield important results for residents of Rim Country.

We hope this paper recycling program is taken seriously by the town and county -- it can be the key that unlocks the ego barrier that prevents the two entities from accomplishing great things.

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