The Truth Will Come Out



Al Gore and Joe Stalin have a lot in common. They are greedy, power-hungry, self-centered and most of all, liars.

Ole Joe once said, "If you tell the Big Lie long enough, often enough and strong enough, it becomes a fact."

So global warming becomes a fact or, in reality, one big hoax. The coming year may be the year the global warming hoax dies. The truth is now beginning to seep to the surface.

In August of this year, NASA scientists admitted they have been reporting erroneous temperature data since 2000.

The warmest year on record in the U.S. suddenly became 1934, not 1998.

The IPCC have been increasingly dismissed as giving deliberate distortions of data that amount to little more than propaganda and promoting GW.

Paleoclimatist Bob Carter, having testified before the U.S. Senate in June 10, 2007, "that global warming has stopped. There has been little, if any, warming since 1979, a period during which atmospheric CO2 has increased by 17 percent."

Thus, the connection between "global warming" -- the key to the claims that it is occurring and will increase -- has been proven wrong.

Dr. Roy Spencer, another critic of the global warming hoax, has noted, "at least 80 percent of the Earth's national greenhouse effect is due to water vapor and clouds. Those are largely under the control of precipitations' system.

The computer models used by advocates of global warming have been unable to account for the actions and impact of clouds, thus rendering them seriously flawed.

If the atmosphere was a 100-story building, our CO2 would be equivalent to the linoleum on the first floor.

None of the CO2 has been a patent, as the greenhouse models claim it would be. Climate modeler, James Hanson of NASA, told Congress in 1988 "that by the year 2000, the Earth would have warmed another 0.3 C and sea levels would have risen several feet."

Reality has been much more moderate. The temperatures in 2000 were only 0.1 warmer and sea level has risen just one inch or less.

It should be noted here, that Mr. Hanson receives several hundred thousand dollars from the Heinz Foundation and is strongly supported by Senator Kerry and his wife, who chairs the Heinz Foundation.

CO2 levels had continued to rise in linear fashion, but temperatures have remained stable.

The strong correlation between our temperatures and sunspots, meanwhile, continue to get stronger. This points to the sun as the most significant driving force in our recent climate change. This is all part of a 1,500-year cycle linked to the sun.

p.s. It is interesting to note that a judge in merry ole England ruled that both sides of the global warming story must be presented to all school students.

In the U.S., Montana has formed a task force to weigh the evidence for and against the global warming theory.

There is so much more, however, I am limited by space, there's no end to it. The seep is getting bigger every day.

Ed Welge

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