Hearth Shoppe Helps Customers Warm Up The Holidays


Bring special warmth to the holiday season with a new heating appliance from the Hearth Shoppe at Ace Hardware.

"We have a 20-year history serving the Rim Country," said manager Ray Stephens.


Ray Stephens, manager of the Hearth Shoppe at Ace Hardware, and his staff of certified personnel are ready to help you choose the most efficient, cost-effective heating appliance to keep your home warm for the holidays and through winter.

"Our quality of service is consistent and we do our own installations with certified personnel."

The staff from the Hearth Shoppe can service every kind of heating unit, other than furnaces.

There is a big demand right now for the staff's time, so they may not be able to get to you right away, but make an appointment now.

"We want to urge customers to plan ahead in the future. If they call for service during the off-season, we can get to them faster and also provide services at 20 percent off," Stephens said.

In addition to carrying a wide range of heating units, using a variety of fuels, the Hearth Shoppe also has everything for starting and maintaining fires on your hearth.

There are 40 display units in the store to see, plus catalogs to make your selection a custom design. Many of the displays are operational.

There is even an elevated corner unit that can be used to give a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom the ambience of open flames without using much space. The shop also has a vintage-look cook-stove on display.

"Pellet stoves are probably our most popular item, due to the cost of propane now," Stephens said.

"You can get as much heat from a pellet stove as you get with a propane unit, and it is about one-sixth the cost," he said.

Wood-burning appliances are still being used, as are those that use gas. There are also electric units, but they are more decorative than functional heat sources. They put out heat, but not at the level of pellet, wood and gas stoves, Stephens said.


The Hearth Shoppe at Ace Hardware carries accessories and equipment to keep the home fires burning safe and steady. You can choose from the practical, with heavy-duty gloves and camouflage match cases; the pretty, with a brass and copper match stick holder; to the fun, with a cow-style firestarter.

"They will heat small areas well," he said.

The shop has a variety of decorative fireplace tools and numerous accessories, such as automatic matches, screens, buckets for embers, stands for wood and more.

Stop by The Hearth Shoppe at Ace Hardware, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily, 507 N. Beeline Highway. For more information, telephone (928) 474-5238.

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