Paddock's Lifelike Trees Are Finest On The Market


With December right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about what you will do for Christmas. This time of year usually sparks the questions, "Should we finally get an artificial tree? Have they finally made a tree that looks and smells real, but won't turn into a torch or bring bugs in my house?"

Long gone are the days of thin, bristly "needles," color-coded branches and manually putting on several strands of lights that may or may not work. Real-as-life or lifelike trees, as they are commonly called today, are taking over living rooms, family rooms, front porches and more by storm, because of their convenience, safety, practicality, and of course, beauty.


Paddock's holiday decoration selections are hypnotizing in their variety.

The holidays certainly put our time-management skills to the test. Putting up the Christmas tree used to be an all-day event, but thanks to new innovative designs and technology, setting up the tree takes a fraction of the time it used to.

"We've been designing Christmas trees for over 10 years, and have listened to our customers' ideas and thoughts on what it would take for them to switch from a real tree to a lifelike tree. The most important things were the look, the quality and they did not want to have to put the lights on the tree," said David Ghiz, President of Paddock Pools, Patios & Spas Retail Division in Scottsdale.

Paddock has taken care of all of those suggestions.

"Our trees look so real you will not be able to tell the difference. The quality is the finest on the market. From our Perma Hinge system for easy fold-up storage to our exclusive Stay-Lit lighting system, the easiest part of decorating for Christmas will be setting up your tree."

Keep in mind when selecting your tree, not only should it add convenience and beauty to your holiday, but it should be safe and non-allergenic, as well.

A real tree will turn into a virtual torch as it dries out and will go up in flames in a matter of seconds, if it is sparked.

Remember that purchasing a lifelike tree is an investment. Choosing a tree that will last for 10 years or more will assure you have made a wise decision. "Paddock includes a 15-year warranty on the structure of its trees," said Ghiz, adding that you will save more money in the long run by selecting a quality tree that will last a long time, as opposed to buying a less expensive tree every few years.

We know that the lifelike trees have come a long way, but how do they really look? "Paddock's Everfresh trees are molded from actual tree branches and needles. The feel, shapes and colors look so natural, your family and friends will think your tree is real. And, with over 70 styles to choose from in sizes from 3 feet to 14 feet, we have a design and a price to meet everyone's needs," Ghiz said.

You can choose from slim or full, tall or petite, or even flocked for a snowy look.

There is plenty more of the "Magic of Christmas" at Paddock -- the stores carry an amazing assortment of holiday decorations for not only their spectacular trees, but for the entire home, both inside and out.

Visit the "Magic of Christmas" display at any of Paddock's Outdoor Living Super Stores in Arizona through December to see a spectacular showcase of everything you need for your perfect Christmas celebration.

Each year Paddock selects a few Christmas designers to feature. This year's designers include Wendy Addision, Karen Didion, Jacqueline Kent, Mark Roberts and Nicole Sayre. Bring home the magic with magnificently detailed collectible ornaments from Mark Roberts and Jacqueline Kent. These highly sought-after ornaments will bring years of enjoyment to you and your family.

Sparkling, unique and festive, quality yard decor from Paddock's Magic of Christmas can turn your lawn or patio into a celebration of the Holiday Spirit. Choose from a variety of lighted, animated or hanging decor in several sizes to complete your Christmas decorations this year. There are path markers of lighted presents, snowflakes and candlesticks; lighted signs with holiday greetings; a toy train and an assortment of Nativity scenes. Paddock has animated yard art, as well as stationary pieces.

Choose from a large assortment of pre-decorated, pre-lit 30-inch to 48-inch wreaths with garlands to match. Many styles are available, so you're sure to find the perfect color and design for your home.

Light up your holiday with more than 40 different types of lighting, from indoor decorations to spectacular outdoor displays.

Paddock also offers a free "Yule School" to help make the holidays more special -- and easier than ever before. Learn about creating your own themed tree, solving lighting problems, designing wreaths and more.

The closest location to the Rim area is at Shea and the Loop 101 in north Scottsdale or purchase all your holiday decorating needs online at For more information, call 1.866.PADDOCK.

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