The Beverage House Has The Answer To Your Quest


They don't sell lettuce or bread or milk, but what they do sell, they know about, and they are happy to share their knowledge.

If you are looking for a certain ingredient for a cocktail, or a little-known beer, they probably have it and know all about it.


The staff at The Beverage House is knowledgeable, friendly and ready to serve.

Need a wine for a special occasion or for that spaghetti dinner? They have just the thing. What about a gift for the boss or an anniversary present? In the doghouse? Who do you seek out for help? Come to The Beverage House.

For more than two years, now, The Beverage House has grown into Payson's premier place for wine, beer and spirits and expert advice.

If, "Over in aisle seven" is not a good enough answer for you, come to The Beverage House.

Come ask Margie, Ginny, Jan, Ed, Don or Sylvia (Sylvia's the manager).

Ask "The Wine Guy," Noble.

Or, better yet, come to a wine tasting held every Friday evening.

No tire rotation or melon thumping, but a whole lot of fun and knowledge at The Beverage House!

"We love ya, and we need ya."

The Beverage House -- on Highway 260 near Legacy Furniture.

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