Couple Thanks Travelers For Help


To the kind travelers on Highway 260:

We wanted to thank you all for your quick response and the excellent care you provided Diane on Sunday Nov. 25. She had a serious reaction to a combination of recent medical problems, dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, high altitude and suddenly lost consciousness and stopped breathing while in our vehicle on Highway 260 near marker 289.

I pulled over to the side of the road and pulled her out of the vehicle to the ground. I was so frantic that I did not have the presence of mind to check for a pulse, but I did give her mouth to mouth and she began to come around, although she was struggling to breathe and seemed to me to be quite close to death as her lips had turned gray.

Thank God other travelers stopped to help. We could not get a signal for cell phones, so one gentleman returned to Heber to call for an ambulance. Meanwhile another passerby, Disa Gardner (a former EMT) also stopped to help make Diane comfortable and gave me hope and encouragement. Another generous soul provided a warm blanket. That person left before we could thank him or return the blanket.

In the ambulance, oxygen and an IV stabilized her. By the time she arrived at the Payson hospital, she was alert and lucid. Without the help of everyone there, I think I would have lost my love and my wife of 22 years. Instead, we were safely back home the same afternoon. Thank you so much for being there for us.

Diane is doing well now. She has regained much of her strength, and we both have a renewed appreciation for life and family.

We wish you and your families a safe and warm holiday.

Diane and Rick Belanger

Fountain Hills

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