Support Needed For Payson Ymca Efforts


It's no secret there are some in town government opposed to bringing the YMCA to Payson.

Which means, the best hope our town has for overcoming the naysayers and finally building the recreation facility we desperately need, is for townspeople to actively support the five town councilors who voted in favor of bringing the association to Payson.

Also, the Friends of Parks and Recreation -- who originally approached YMCA officials about the possibility of having a recreation facility in Payson -- need to be encouraged to continue their efforts.

Members of the Friends of P&R have the best interest of our townspeople at heart and have had the foresight and courage to step up and be counted in a conflict that should never have begun.

Also deserving of our unwavering support is town parks and recreation director Rick Manchester, who YMCA officials are counting on to guide them through the planning and building process.

Mayor Bob Edwards and councilor Mike Vogel opposed the lease discussion with the YMCA during a town council meeting.

The two's opposition, and what is coming from others, is difficult to understand in light of the research and information about how the proposed facility would improve quality of life in the Rim Country.

Simply put, the proposed YMCA would provide young and old alike with the recreational, wellness and fitness programs that our town has so long lacked.

With the YMCA now our ally, we have a golden opportunity we cannot let pass.

It's time to step forward and voice our unwavering support for those in favor of building a nonprofit YMCA center in Payson.

Tryouts tomorrow

Club Rim volleyball will be hosting team tryouts for 12 and 14-year-old players from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Saturday, in Wilson Dome.

The tryout fee is $25.

All new players must bring to tryouts a copy of their birth certificate and current vaccinations (tetanus, polio, and measles) to complete the "Arizona Region Individual Member-ship Form" and a "Player Medical History and Release Form."

As a player on Club Rim, each player will be responsible for paying a $40 Arizona Region Junior Volley-ball fee and a $125 uniform fee.

The 12-year-olds' season runs from Dec. 4 thru May 3 and the 14-year-olds' season runs from January thru May. Players will also need to pay a $l00-per-month membership fee to Club Rim. A complete season will be a financial commitment of $690. Players are encouraged to acquire sponsors to assist with their monthly membership fees.

Picture guidelines

We receive many pictures from our readers who ask they be considered for publication.

There are, however, some guidelines our production department has set before the pictures can be considered.

They are:

Pictures must be 200 dpi (dots per inch) and be 8x10 or 5 x7 in size

They must be jpeg or TIFF images that have not been "enhanced" in any way. (No color correction, manipulation, borders, exposure adjustments or cropping). We need the photo raw, as it came out of the camera.

Pictures must be in focus, have good exposure and interesting subject matter. No distorted images will be considered. Pictures may be e-mailed to or the card from the digital camera brought in our offices at 708 N. Beeline Highway.

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