Consider Any Donation To Moveon.Org Carefully



In response to the letter, I find it amusing that when finally the right expresses outrage at yet another blatant attack on the left, they are the ones to whimper and cry outheir complaints. was launched in 1998 as a favorite "buzz" phrase of Clinton supporters during the Lewinsky scandal. I prefer to call it as it was, "a ludicrousffair."Scandal and impeachmentre two quite separate words. Its main purpose was for it to be a chain letter that people could sign electronically to get the nation's attention away from the philandering of our President. It soon morphed into a Democratic fund-raising site. In 2002, Zack Exley was hired, after catching the attention of the site by his doctored photos, showing Bush as a drug addict. Exley brought MoveOn into the antiwar movement. It is as far left as you can throw.

The ACLU was founded in the 1920s for all the right reasons. Now it has veered so far off its original course that you can see it behind most of the controversialourt decisions that they challenge. Such as, removing the 10 commandants, flag displays, school prayer, defending the rights of illegal aliens,rights for terrorists at Gitmo, free speech movements, such as the boy suspended from school for holding a sign saying "Bong Hits 4 Jesus." That decision was withheld by the courts, much to the dismay of the ACLU. I believe in free speech, but it has to have some boundaries or we will become a nation of hatemongers.

This country lived for centuries proudly displaying our flag, having school prayer, and otherome-grown traditionsefore the ACLU, deciding to get waylaid from its original objectives. In my opinion, for the worst. It is my belief that we should be very afraid of the ACLUnd read more before deciding to consider another donation to them or to

Joan Griggs

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