The Great Pine Water Conspiracy



I am a former resident of Pine and was one of the original board members of the PSWID, when it was first formed.

Just a short time ago, a special interest group appeared on the stage and made an attempt to take over the PSWID and the Pine Water Company and stick us residents with a $12.1 million bond issue; their attempt failed.

Numerous concerned citizens rallied to counteract this petition situation. Some of the residents may remember this group as "PAWS." They defeated the petition, as should be done now. It was a big conspiracy then, as it is now. Their plan appears to be to replace certain PSWID members and replace them with their own.

This special interest group, plus a few new ones, are at it again. The present plan appears to be another bond issue with a new puppet PSWID Board and again propose a takeover of the water company. They must control the Pine water situation, in order to expand and develop Pine into one big housing tract. This is truly a conspiracy as before, then as now, there is a certain county official involved again in all of this.

I quote from a copy of a county official's expense account:

(10-20-06) Meet with Chair of PSWID related to disbanding question. Locate docks and review formation of PSWID. Reply to Bd. Member.

This is only one of numerous meetings between the county official and some PSWID members and some of the special interest folks. There is a huge financial interest in all this for the Good Ole Boys at the expense of Pine and Strawberry citizens. Expect huge water bills if they succeed.

This petition is for removing the good guys and replacing them with the bad guys.

When the county rook over the PSWID Board, it appointed this certain same said individual to manage the PSWID, which in turn, ended into another fiasco, which cost the taxpayers bundles of money and a list of unexplained questions concerning the expenditures of PSWID funds.

$300,000 is a cheap price to pay for water, however, $12.1 million bucks to take over the water company and still not have any new water is one big disaster. Who will manage this new water company? The ACC will no longer be able to come to your rescue or have any say in things.

Don't buy into this pig in a poke. As the old Indian chief said, "white man speaks with forked tongue."

Ed Welge

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