Woman Feels Discriminated Against



After two and a half months of feeling slight discrimination, today was the final straw.

I work part time for my brother's excavation company. I do everything from eyeballing boulder walls, shoveling, using a whacker, shoveling, running the skidster and shoveling.

Did I mention I am a girl? A 35-year-old wife and mother, to be specific. We spend most of our days working at two Payson area developments.

From day one, I felt mildly hassled upon entering the security gates at either place. Every single day we drive in, we get the same questions from, "What's she doing here?" to "Is she working with you?" The emphasis always being on the "she." I asked my brother one day if they always ask that question when there's a guy in the seat next to him and he said "never."

Now today, one of those oh-so-important security guards, followed us to our job site in Chaparral Pines. And while I went over to the truck to get a shovel, he proceeded to grill my brother. He asks him again if I'm working. My brother says, "Yes, she is. Why is that a problem?"

The security guard calls to his attention that I'm a girl. My brother, fully aware of that fact, says, "I know she's a girl. What, do you discriminate against women working in here?" And he says, "Yes, we do." My brother couldn't believe he actually said that and neither could the truck driver, who also overheard the whole conversation. And when I heard what was said, it only escalated my feeling of being mildly hassled, to complete discrimination, borderline harassment. Now I don't know if seeing a woman out there, working like a man, while they sit in their air-conditioned vehicles, makes them feel like less of a man or what. All I know is, I am just trying to make a living and I shouldn't be hassled just because I choose to do so-called "man's work."

Raylene Phillips

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