Writer Wants 'Yes' Vote On County Complex



This is short and sweet. I highly encourage every voter in Payson to vote "yes" for the half percent county tax increase to build the new county complex on their property, in Payson. A half a percentage point is meaningless.

Just how often do you buy a new car? How often do you replace a washer or dryer or stove or refrigerator or a hammer and saw or undershorts? The tax on a dinner or lunch is just pennies.

The people that are writing those long letters to the editor to encourage you to say "no" to the tax have other motives on their minds and it is money for themselves or their friends.

They want the county to unload their property, i.e. sell it to them or their friends and then they or their friends sell other property back to the county. That's a pretty shifty way of making a lot of money at the taxpayers' expense. Ignore all those "nos" on half-percent tax advertisements.

Ignore all that nonsense about having a jail along with the county buildings. When it is built, there will not be a large neon sign saying "county jail," "vacancy" or "no vacancy."

Payson has had a jail on Main Street for upwards of a hundred years and when one jail cell was full, the sheriff handcuffed the drunks and troublemakers to the newly installed electric light poles on Main Street.

The corner of Main and Highway 87 is "downtown Payson" and the county complex there will be a plus for the town. We already have a post office in the area.

Need I mention the number of construction workers that will be needed for building and the number of employees that the county will hire when finished. Also, are Payson residents aware of the number of trips our police officers have to make to Globe. Not sending them there will mean more officers in our neighborhoods to patrol our streets.

Get with it, citizens, vote "yes" to the half percent tax.

Dave Engleman

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