Movie Review: Sydney White

A fun, girls' night movie


Lucy Schouten, teen reviewer

One dark and stormy night, I set out for the movie theater to see "Sydney White."

With popcorn and drink, I was ready to see a modern fairy tale when (I suspect witch involvement) the power went out. With a helpful fairy, or maybe the miracle of modern technology, the power was restored in time for the movie. I was very glad that it did.

"Sydney White" might play off a fairy tale, but its setting is a college campus where Sydney White, played with surprising skill by Amanda Bynes, begins her freshman year.

Before checking in, she narrates an overview of her childhood. Don't miss the first five minutes: a scene with 11-year-old Sydney and her father, a plumber, had the doctor's families rolling in the aisles.

Sydney has grown up motherless, so she leaps at the opportunity to attend her mother's old school and be welcomed into the sisterhood of the family sorority.

Since her mother's time, the sorority has been taken over by Rachel Witchburn, who is the usual evil blonde, played by Sara Paxton. Sydney gets on Rachel's bad side by attracting the attention of Rachel's ex-boyfriend, Tyler Prince (Matt Long), and any hope of becoming a CAPA girl is lost.

Homeless and upset, Sydney is taken in by the legendary "seven dorks" of the shack, at the end of the lane. Sydney plans to bring the weird, but fun, guys into the light and repair their home by taking control of the student council.

A few poisoned apples sit on the path to happily ever after, and Sydney, Prince, and the campus riffraff will band together for the cause of freedom, equality, and dorkishness. Ahem.

If I have a complaint, it is one rather crude little man, one of the "seven dorks," who provides some unnecessary moments. For the most part, the characters are humorously stereotypical and crack an easy smile.

This movie is a chick flick and fairy tale remix with a dash of creativity that appeals to the "so-cute" senses. The references to "Snow White" are just silly enough to shake your head at, without being overdone. Weather permitting, "Sydney White" makes for a fun girls' night movie.

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