To The Citizens Of Payson:


It is time to hear the truth! Are you aware of what is going on down at Town Hall? Mayor Edwards and others are in the process of systematically restructuring the management staff to his liking. Are you aware that most employees are afraid to speak out because they are afraid of the Mayor and most of the Council members?

Are you aware of an "illegal" Council meeting called by the Mayor and held at the 2007 League conference? A specific agenda was not prepared for this meeting, and the public was not properly notified. The Agenda for this meeting is not on the Town's Web site for Special Council meetings and I am not aware of any minutes being taken. I am aware that the topic of discussion was how to remove Fred Carpenter, Bob Smith and other department directors. These individuals could not be fired because they have a very clean employment record. Fred Carpenter's leaving had to look like his own doing; except it fooled no one. You do not retire, receive additional multi-month salaries with full benefits, and have no comment to the media. A lot of citizens in the community do not believe that Fred left on his own accord. The Mayor has a "hit list" that was alluded to during the election.

Fred Carpenter, Gordy Gartner, Bob Smith, myself and other department directors could not be fired without creating a major political backlash.

My latest concern is the September 20th Council meeting. Any time a Mayor adds a Resolution (#2326) concerning eliminating a department director position the day before a Council meeting (Added 9-19-07, 12:15 p.m.) I am concerned about his motives, especially when the entire Council does not question his reasons or ask for an explanation of his action. No Council person said a word! This kind of action smells like a setup. It appears to me and others that the Mayor had already talked to at least three other Council members or more to solicit a yes vote. Those who voted for the Resolution apparently had made up their mind way in advance of the Council meeting.

My retirement removed me from his list. I was added lo the list when I stood up to him during the campaign by refuting his financial statements in an open Council meeting. He was also upset at me for other times I would not give up my professional opinion or reputation to agree with him or his Task Force Committee. I swore an oath when I was hired to uphold the laws and to protect the assets of the Town of Payson, not to obey the Mayor when I knew that the request was not professionally correct or would violate a law. Mayor Edwards does not like individuals who question his "wisdom" or "demands."

I have witnessed this during numerous meetings since he was elected.

I had to work with the Mayor during his tenure and have a view of him that others do not have. He is very good at avoiding direct answers to questions, and rarely completes a sentence to confuse people.

Gordy's retirement was the next step in the Mayor's plan to "clean house." It was apparent that he wanted Gordy out and someone from outside the Town's employee base in. That move did not work. He would not even listen to his own appointed Citizens Task force and they resigned in protest.

He could not fire Bob Smith, but he apparently convinced enough Council members to force a 4-3 vote to remove the HR Director--s position in order to remove Bob Smith. Bob was the best HR Director Payson has seen in the 11 years I was an employee. He has all of the credentials and experience Payson needed when he was hired. Council Member Connell made a statement during her comments concerning Resolution #2326 that really concerns me. She indicated the Review Committee for the CFO position was specifically looking for someone with human resource and risk management experience. The CFO position does not require such experience. This comment told me that he was in fact looking to replace Bob Smith when I retired. I am aware, because I was there, that the Mayor, Council member Su Connell and two other Task Force Committee members (Fred Carpenter was excluded by the Mayor) personally placed a phone call to Debbie and talked her into revoking her withdrawal from interviewing for the position and be interviewed. This move was done after finishing with his other candidates without their's or anyone else's knowledge. Not even the media. This move by the Mayor resulted in another person being hired outside of the employee base.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - the time has come!

Glenn Smith

Retired CFO, Town of Payson

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