There Is Great Fishing During The Fall Months



With fall in the air, the cooler daytime temperatures are a welcome event at the 5,000 to 6,000 feet elevation in the Rim Country. The weekend summertime crowds are long gone and the high concentration of trout fishermen on Tonto Creek have moved on to watching football or planning fall hunting trips.

e know most of the easy-access pools of Tonto Creek haven't had a trout in them since Labor Day, because of heavy fishing pressure. The water is healthy, but it just happens to be fishless, because of the heavy demand from weekend anglers.


Fishing for trout will be good this weekend, as the Tonto Hatchery will be releasing new fish into Tonto Creek.

ell, for you local anglers who enjoy catching trout, there is some real good news. The Tonto Fish Hatchery has extra catchable rainbow trout left over after the summer stocking program.

These fish have grown to 12 to 14 inches in the rearing ponds of the Tonto Hatchery and are going to be released into Tonto Creek this week. This was determined by the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the fall stocking will be an added bonus for you local fishing enthusiasts.

If you make the short trip, not only can you catch a trout or two, but you can also enjoy the beginning of the changing colors of the deciduous trees along the creek. The streambed will make a picturesque backdrop for arout fishing trip and only 30 minutes from Payson.

If you are willing to drive an extra 20 minutes beyond Tonto Creek you could wet a line on Woods Canyon Lake. This body of water received its final stocking of the year and has an abundant population of rainbow trout. These fish will range in size from 9 to 14 inches, depending on when they were placed in the lake by the guys from the Tonto Hatchery.

A fly, a spinner, or just power bait will do the trick to catch a limit of six trout. If you are fortunate, you might see one of the bald eagles thatas takenp fall residence on the lake.

Woods Canyon Lake is another popular spot that can offer you scenery, good fishing, and solitude after the summer crowds have gone home. This weekend plan a day trip in the Rim Country and enjoy God's creation.

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