Town Needs To Care Of Runoff Problems



Thank you, God, for the rain, but three inches of rain, all at one time, is just too much. When is the town going to figure out what to do about all of the water coming down Granite Dells and Bentley streets when it rains? Especially when it rains hard. We have spent several hundred dollars over the years to build a speed/rain bump to keep the water out of our yard and it was worse last week than it has ever been. It not only came into our yard on the north side, but the south side, too, and down both driveways around and into some sheds and two carports in back, then on down into the garden area, where we long ago gave up trying to have a garden.

Our yard was one continuous body of rushing water. Something has got to be done and the sooner the better. Will I have to put out more money to have a higher speed-rain bump installed?

I would think that the town would be responsible to take care of things of that nature to protect a citizen's property.

I did not give the permit to the Giant gas people so they could cover all of those acres of ground with concrete that doesn't absorb water. That is where some of the increase in water is coming from. The people at Town Hall know that this problem has been going on for several years. I have not been to Town Hall about it this time, because the last time I went, I was ridiculed and turned away without any help. If and when there is a higher speed/rain bump installed, it has to stick to the top of the one that is already there and can't be done with big rocks covered with black tar. It has to be done with a hot mix that will melt and stick to what is already there. That would only be a temporary fix, but it would keep my house from becoming moldy and worthless from water standing under it, which will happen if something is not done to correct the situation. I love my home and want to keep it safe and in good shape.

Marjorie Templeton

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