Alarmed At Elimination Of Payson's Hr Position



I am concerned about the elimination of the HR Director position in the Town of Payson. As a part time Payson resident, I follow the local politics with interest. As a human resource professional with over 30 years experience, I am alarmed by what has transpired.

The lack of an experienced HR professional in an organization the size of Payson can cause a myriad of problems in hiring/promoting, compensation/benefits, and complaint/grievance processes. A failure in any of those areas can cost Payson a lot of money. I trust the town has a large cash reserve, good liabilityoverage, and labor law attorneys on retainer for the forthcoming lawsuits.

assume the new Mayor is cleaning house, eliminating the position, and after a bit of time, decide "gee we really need a HR Director" and hire the person of your choice. In the best East Coast tradition, each new mayorrings in their chosen people to staff the executive positions, I haveet those people, usually at trainingonferences, where they are trying to get up to speedn anR careern two or three days.

The finance people know payroll, that's about it, they may know the difference between FLSA and FMLA from a financial aspect, but withholding taxes and paying leave are not the same as administering a federal regulation. In the public sector jobs I held, there was a clear bright line between the elected officials and the daily operations of the organization.

The elected officials made policy and the administration carried out the policy. If the elected officials did not like the policy, they took it up with the chief executive. In the organizations that I have observed, when elected officials become involved in operational or employment decisions, the result is a poorly run organization, where no one knows who is really in charge, and the management team changes with each election.

There have been four executives leave Payson in the recent past, now the question on every employee's mind is "who is next?" and they probably already know.

Does anyone think this is good for morale and productivity? And who are the people that are going to take these jobs? The best and brightest? I don't think so. And if they come, they don'ttay.f the most important interview question is not how well you do your job, but how well you please the elected officials, the results may be pleasing to those elected leaders, but the damage may be lasting to the Town of Payson.

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