Board Of Supervisors Have No Care For New County Jail, Courthouse



At last Thursday's Council meeting, I found it really pitiful to observe the county board of supervisors' defensiveness concerning county jail and courthouse location and money issues. Common sense -- backed up by generations of successful example -- suggests that private developers could deliver more space, in shorter time, at any one of many different locations (than Main Street and Highway 87) at less cost to the citizens! How pathetic was the county manager's reading from a letter of rejection to developer Garfield Traub that the supervisors would be willing to meet to discuss options.

Compare that weak approach to doing business to ASU's initiatives, creativity and success in accomplishing some $2 billion worth of capital improvements using public/private partnerships in the last seven years! ASU reaches out to the private sector, via requests for proposals and genuine expressions of interest in newer and better ways to get a project financed and built, versus doing business the way it's always been done!

Our supervisors ask us to allow them to increase taxes and given them control to spend $32 million of our money.

This is poor, irresponsible government and is just plain unacceptable. Please join me in saying "no"!

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