Court And Jail Needed


After listening to the discussion at a recent forum, I came to believe that the citizens on the Advisory Committee who studied the situation for several months did "due diligence" on the two major issues of concern, location and financing.

While I am not fond of the location, the report that was given of the sites considered and why they did not work, convinced me that a significant number of alternative sites were explored and rejected for legitimate reasons.

Funding the project by a half-cent increase in the sales tax on certain items is distasteful, but I do not think that the Committee was cavalier in coming to that decision.I am mistrustful of entities seeking profit at taxpayer expense by building and owning public buildings.Who stands to gain by "private funding"?

I also came away with the impression that no in-depth feasibility study of any of the alternatives has been done by their proponents.It is easy to float ideas and superficially compare some numbers, but I would like to see some in-depth analysis(s) presented by those advocating the alternatives so that the public can compare like-to-like assessments.

Finally, let us not be so focused on what we don't like about the project, that we fail to consider what unintended and long-term consequences might result from our vote.Serious reflection leads me to believe that there might be real fallout, if the project is defeated and it could affect the long term, the balance of power in the ongoing struggle for equity in Gila County.
For those who are looking for more control over our own affairs here in the north, it seems to me that there is no reason to believe that we will readily have another chance to get set up for more independence if this project fails. Which victory is the more important one?

There is no way to know what might or might not follow if the project is defeated at the polls in November. y hope is that an informed citizenry will make their choice and then be prepared to live with the outcome.This is our right and our responsibility as those who have the privilege of living in the greatest democracy in the world.

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