Photo Gallery: Payson Party Plays The Past


Many townsfolk were involved in celebrating the 125th anniversary of a friendly, progressive and well-situated community.

Thank you -- for your efforts, for your vision, for your willingness to walk into the unknown areas and asking how should this be done to best serve the community?


Gary Bedsworth, food and events manager for the Northern Gila County Historical Society, displays a fresh bratwurst at the Beer & Brats event. This kicked off the weeklong celebration of Payson's 125th Anniversary Week.

It takes courage, a sense of pride and commitment and a love of people to strike out into unchartered waters. Much like the pioneers of Payson and of all America, there are people willing to forge ahead, in the cause of, in this case, a celebration of who we are, how we got here and where we are going.

It was done with humor, grace, cooperation and a sense of service to the people who live and work here. As a photographer, many events were covered and at every one of them the organizers were friendly, helpful and always optimistic. People got wet at an event or two, but stayed with it and had fun anyway.

That's the spirit of Payson that is perceived through this lens. Thank you for this opportunity to be here and record this event.

Click here to view a photo gallery of Payson's 125th Anniversary Celebration.

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