Town Council Not Solving Problems



We need to congratulate our Mayor and Town Council for their forward thinking and financial planning. At the same time, we must urge them to continue their efforts. So far they have succeeded in reducing our Town payrolls by getting rid of the Town Manager and eliminating our Human Resources Department ...but let's not stop there. Let's disband our road crews (our roads are good enough), get rid of all our teachers and close the schools (our children are smart enough and what they need to know can be taught at home), and if we all promise to be good, live by the golden rule, never drink to excess, and never cause pain, suffering or financial loss to others, we can eliminate our police department. Since we won't have any more arrests taking place, we will eliminate the need for a Justice Center, and over time, we can eliminate our sales tax. If we get everyone to promise not to play with matches and to be very careful not to cause fires, we can also eliminate the fire department and all emergency personnel.

Amazing ... why didn't anyone think of this before? I guess we just didn't have the foresight of our elected officials. In the final analysis ... with all our problems solved, we can eliminate the Town Council. With all the savings, we buy and give every resident a pair of rose-colored glasses to guarantee that everyone can see that life in Payson is as good as it could have been if Adam and Eve had not taken a bite of the apple.

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