Voter Information Pamphlet Out Of Balance



It seems to me that the Gila County elections department Voter Informational Pamphlet for the upcoming election is a bit slanted, instead of being impartial.

I am referring to the letters for and against the bond issue for new prison facilities in the county. If you will look at it, there are eight letters for the measure and only four against. Does this sound equal information to you?

I personally am against putting the large jail facility right on Main Street and Beeline Highway because of it becoming an eyesore and certainly not an incentive for tourists to have to pass it to head on down Main Street.

Why not put it behind the police station instead?

Also the fact that Northern Gila County pays an unfair share of the costs to run Gila County and get not even half of the benefits, bothers me also, but then that is another story.

I'm not against a larger and more modern jail facility, but for the text of ballot book to be so positively slanted bothers me greatly.

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