Movie Review: The Brave One

A good movie to rent


by Troy Wayland, teen reviewer

"The Brave One" is about a woman, Erica Bane, losing her soon-to-be-wed husband by a couple of street thugs. Erica Bane, played by the famous Jodie Foster, is the woman who tries to claw her way out of the pit of fear, after his horrific killing and the brutal beating she sustained.

After tragically going through this disaster, she finds the police are not able to solve her crime. So, she takes the law into her own hands.

"The Brave One" seems to portray life as we wish it could be, where we would like to take matters into our own hands and fight the evil on our own terms.

The movie is set in New York City, where detectives battle criminals in a seemingly endless war against right and wrong -- thus, it is a perfect place for a gun shooting, blood spilling, crow-bar slicing, beat 'em up, alarm sounding, adrenaline pumping, fast-paced suspense movie.

A few times while watching the movie however, I could have gotten a pillow and had a nice cup of warm milk. Sad to say, this movie is rated R for language, violence and slight nudity (about 5 seconds).

From a 16-year-old guy's point of view it was an OK movie. My mom and sister saw it also and they thought it was "really good."

It is appropriate for good date movie because your girl will really like it. I did really like the funny lines between the two detectives. It was nice to chuckle a little bit in a suspenseful movie.

I do recommend renting this movie, seeing how its run in Payson is over.

Just don't rush out and buy a gun, to solve your own problems.

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