Payson's 125th Anniversary 'Whatzit' Contest, Win $100


The subject matter in this photo is an object, building or structure with significant historical value to the Town of Payson.

The first reader to correctly identify the object and its Payson location will win $100. The winner's check may be picked up at the front desk of the Roundup.

Here are the rules:

Eligibility: Everyone is eligible except Roundup employees and their relatives. Argus employees are under strict confidence guidelines.

To enter:

Answers must be sent by e-mail only (which automatically lists time and date when received), with "Whatzit" in the subject field to:

Correctly identify the object in the photo and its location, and provide contact information in addition to e-mail address. Answers will not be accepted by phone or at the front desk.


Contest photos will be published each Tuesday in the Roundup. Deadline for entries is 10 a.m. the following Thursday. If no one guesses the object by that deadline, the $100 is added to the next week's prize total. If there is a winner it will be announced in Friday's Roundup and his or her photo will be published the following Tuesday along with the week's new contest photo.

Good luck.

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