Neighbors Decorate For Halloween In Christopher Creek


Recently it was archery season for bull elk and Dewey Malmin of Hunter Creek and some friends headed up towards Hannagen Meadows for their Hunt.

Dewey came away the winner. He bagged this 6-by-6 on the last day of the hunt. He said that he almost gave up, but the last day he was out, this big guy just appeared right in front of him. It looks like he will have a lot of meat for the winter months, and a nice trophy rack to go with it.


Dewey Malmin bagged a 6-by-6 point elk on the last day of his hunt.

My daughter and I drove around to see who was getting into Halloween and decorating for the little ghosts and goblins that will make their way, trick-or-treating.

To our surprise not too many people have gotten into the Halloween spirit yet, although we did come across a few homes getting ahead of it.

Chuck and Karen Schmitt were the first we came to and they always put out decorations for the kids.

We crossed the creek and headed up the hill to Caren and Sam Seay's house and it looks like they bought out Wal-Mart and a few stores in the Valley. Caren always does such a great job on decorating. It is worth the drive up Friendly Elk Road to see it.

Mimi Tidwell has a few witches hanging in her trees.

Geisiers on Columbine always do a great job on decorating for the kids. Armenta's place is surrounded by orange pumpkins.

Rasmussens have large pumpkins and spiders on their property, and Rick Schantz, I am afraid the round orange propane tank that you made look like a pumpkin doesn't count, being it stays there all year, so I guess you need to get out some real ones, Rick!

We headed up to Hunter Creek and they need some work!

Rod and Lorna Aschbrenner have orange pumpkins out.

Ralph and Dottie Christofferson have a few decorations and Bill and Peggy Seitz only have a Halloween flag that we could see. It looks like it needs some work in Hunter Creek. Although when you drive in, I am competing with Caren.

I will keep you posted as more goes up.

Halloween festivities for Christopher Creek

Saturday, Oct. 27 is the Annual Halloween Trick-or-treat Hayride for the kids in Christopher Creek. All the fun starts at 5 p.m. at the fire hall, where they will feed the little ones, load up on the Halloween trailer for a night of trick-or-treat. For more information, call Karen Thornton at (928) 478-4133 or Judy Tolle at (928) 478-0508.

Halloween Festivities for Hunter Creek

Hunter Creek will be having their Second Annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat Hayride on Saturday, Oct. 27. All the fun starts at 5 p.m. Everyone is to meet at Wooden Nickel in their favorite costumes, where they will judge the little ones' costumes, feed them and load up for a fun night of Trick-or-Treat.

Steve Matteson will be pulling the cart this year again with his antique tractor. They promise this year will be a lot more fun, because there are going to be some surprises this year for the little ghosts and goblins.

Please call me if you have kids or grandkids that are going, also call if you are passing out candy, for we will only go to the homes that call.

We also need to know how many kids so we know how many hot dogs to cook and everyone needs a head count for how much candy to buy. Please call me at (928) 478-4519.

Thanks to all that support this fun event for the kids.


Lois Jones of C-Canyon will be adding another candle to her birthday cake on Oct. 15. Tracy Purtee will be celebrating his birthday on Oct. 17.

Wishing both of you a Very Happy Birthday.

If you have something you would like in my column, you need to get it to me by Tuesday for my column goes in on Wednesday mornings for Friday's publication. If you have a birthday and need to be put on my list, call me at (928) 478-4519 or e-mail at

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