Reasons to oppose courthouse-jail plan



While we have no problem with the Tommie Martin Committee's plan for financing the Courthouse-Jail facilities, we believe Paysonites should vote against the issue for the following reasons:

I) The issue of eminent domain could be very costly:

a) expensive Main Street property would have to be purchased

b) new property would have to be purchased for the displaced businesses

c) payments would have to be made to make up for business lost during relocation

2) The committees' knock against other possibilities, such as Tyler Parkway, is that there could be additional expense for infrastructure such as sewer lines, etc. Well, think of the expense of demolishing the old jail and adjacent properties and then providing all the necessary infrastructure for the new complex.

3) The committee admits that their plan offers limited parking.

4) In spite of the committee's assurance that the design for the complex will be attractive, do we want a Main Street with art galleries, restaurants, auto shows, parades, etc. to be introduced by a courthouse and jail?

Folks, this complex will be with us for a lot more than twenty years. Let's have one with convenient access; one which will not cause pain to current successful businesses, and will allow Main Street to be a real gem to attract tourists to enjoy the professional artists our community is lucky to have. Write to or meet with the Committee and demand they seriously consider other areas for the complex if they say "No!" -- You say "No" in November!

George and Fern Spears

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